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Consulted on the US market launch of an upcoming jewellery marketplace concept. Advised in determining overall content strategy, including general editorial framework, tone of voice and visual direction, encompassing competitor analysis, customer profiling and achievement of content-marketing goals. 

Recommendations created on branding, transparency, communication of ethics and sustainability.  Creation of launch editorial & in-house style guide for editorial and social media. Consulted on hiring and training of editors & build-up of creative contacts database. 

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Transparency & Social Responsibility Guidelines

In order to cater to the preferences of a Gen-Z and millennial customer group, recommendations were made regarding overall branding, to create a communications approach that is socially responsible and resonates with an audience concerned with ethics & sustainability, resetting typical associations espoused by the jewellery industry.

A comprehensive style bible was created to ensure a diverse and inclusive tone and manner, building a brand philosophy of empowerment via progressive content topics and imagery.

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