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Ongoing engagement across several departments in the Asia Pacific headquarters, assisting in developing copywriting guidelines across various markets.

Conceptualisation of campaigns for seasonal customer-relationship management drives. Creation of assets & influencer guidelines for use across Asia Pacific markets. Copywriting for digital activations & display advertisements. 

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Influencer Activation Guidelines

Execution of influencer-activation guidelines for a variety of product promotion campaigns: drafting guiding influencer captions across multiple demographics for in-house beauty advisors & externally engaged content creators, offering direction to all markets in Asia Pacific to ensure that key marketing objectives are aligned across the region.  

"Everyday Beauty" Customer Invitations

 Suggestion of concepts for "Everyday Beauty" CRM events encouraging customers to familiarise themselves with latest trends and launches in the skincare and cosmetics world.

Copywriting for campaign visuals, invitations on behalf of in-house beauty advisors, follow-up and thank you notes including further calls-to-action.

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Digital Activations

 Adaptation of global beauty campaigns for regional use in Asia Pacific, incorporating Asia-exclusive product launches, additional benefits & customer data.

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